Sunday, October 05, 2008

returning from busy-ness!

Been well over a year since I have posted, I have returned! And what have I been up to you ask? Well once I returned from my trip I settled back into my old job, n started my own side business fixing domestic computer systems. (home users)

When I was travelling I fixed quite a number of PC's whilst in many different countries which got us free internet access and other goodies so I figure may as well get paid for it too! Having gonna back into my old job and a little while later getting restless for new things i also changed jobs too to somewhere more interesting. So new job to keep me busy.

Oh I've also taken up Canoeing too, yup thats right open canoeing, so peaceful, so nice, so relaxing. even have my own canoe now, 2nd hand but she's great.

Did a little trip in and also took my Hammock along, ended up falling asleep, it was a very lazy afternoon, really relaxing!
That's me above, working hard and yer, I've sprouted hair on me face, think it makes me look older but its more a convienence thing. Keeps my face warm too. Kinda picked up my face furniture in Japan, one so I'd be warming in Nepal and 2 I wasn't sure if I wanted to shave everyday and find hot water to do it too. So the face stays.

Whats next, well this year I'm going to try mushrooms! I do normally hate them as their texture n smell usually put me off but wild ones I'm willing to do. Also next year will be heading to Canada to do some canoeing up one of the rivers, not sure which one yet, but am looking forward to the planning! Will of course need to hire gear and pick up food. But am looking forward to it. Any hint n tips are much welcome.

So in summary am Back!

See you again soon!