Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Super busy!

Been really busy of late, had no time to go and play in the woods for anything, work keeping me sufficiently tired and doing plenty of climbing too. Hoping to get out this weekend though and get a night under the stars.

Got new kits too, 2 new sleeping bags, both Bargain prices, a Nanok endurance 0 degree bag and a Mountain Equipment Firewalker 3 bag. This bag was used recently in a bunk house in wales, it was really warm, too hot at times, was sweating most nights in my liner. Only managed to get a good night on the last night where I used it as a basic duvet.

Been thinking of getting a new stove too, a remote canister stove that's stable and has a low profile. Will sell one of my whisperlites to fund it, so it shouldn't cost me in theory anything really.

One thing I did see whilst in Wales is a set of plaques in memory of a couple that passed away at separate times, was pretty touched by it to say the least. I took a picture of it and had a moment paying my respects. The top plaque says "In Memory of George Wroe 1915-1999. Walking Llanberis pass whenever he chooses. And his wifes as you see.

Right busy busy for me. Will check back soon, with Sleep bag reviews and kit setups.


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Anonymous said...

Just saw your hammock blog which described the difficulty of having your body slide down into the center of the hammock. As a hammock camper myself for a number of years, I was plagued by this very problem. It wasn't until I replaced my hammock last summer that I stumbled upon an interesting truth: The traditional way to lie in a hammock is diagonally, as opposed to end to end. This allows your back to be kept straight and you don't have the gravity problem. If i could put hooks in the walls of my apartment, I would most likely spend more nights in the hammock than my bed.