Saturday, September 08, 2007

Long Gaps in time and other adventures

Been along time again, so busy, not had too much time to get out unfortunately, kinda miss my nights out under the stars, open live fire going, friends about or on my own on solo time. Learning more about whats around me, what secrets I will uncover that has been hiding in plain site all this time. New plants, new uses, new food to try, skill of the past to learn.

Been very busy, work, life commitments, so much to tell you, but unfortunately time is against me again, for shortly I'm travel east to the other side of the world. I'm going to be Back packing for 4 months round South East Asia, starting Hong Kong, Japan, Tibet/Nepal then Thailand and possibly South Korea.

Not done too much bushcraft, but it has helped me out from time to time, with either handy nettle cord to tie things or the inner bark of a Willow tree for a headaches I had when I was out n about. Bushcraft never ceases to amaze me, the skills I learnt are useful tools to help me in my lifetime. Make things that little bit better, provided by nature as well.

Since starting bushcraft I have become a lot more environmentally aware, I recycle as much as I can, waste as little of water and electricity as possible. I look at plants and trees differently now, what were once weeds I now know as useful plants that provide, food, cord and medicines.
It makes me stand in awe and saddens me at the same time, every thing we need is provided by nature if we only take time out to look at what around us. Yet as species we destroy and consume it all relying more and more on industrial solutions artificial and unnatural.

If any of you care to see how I'm doing you can see my journey on a travel website called .

Oh and I've just bought a Canoe too an open one. I know a few of you also canoe as well (Mungo being one that springs to mind.). Once I get back I'm looking forward to learning how to do it, hopefully, opening the door to new adventures into nature where I normally could not go.

Right end for now. I return in January. My bags are packed. And my faithful Hat is coming with me.
Take care. Keep learning.



Mungo said...

Oh, you're going to have a terrific time my friend! I hope you enjoy Tibet/Nepal, Japan and the rest of the countries - if you keep notes you'll be able to post afterwards or perhaps in an internet cafe!

Anyway, all the best - take care, and take time to smell the roses...



Pablo said...

An opportunity not to be missed. Keep us informed now and again.
Keep safe. All the best... oh tip for the journey... don't eat yellow snow.

Budi said...

Any change you will visit Indonesia? you should try to go to Borneo, you can learn a lot of bushcraft skills of the Dayak tribe. You can start by taking the river way up from the Mahakam river.

good luck..

Mungo said...

Ferrol - haven't heard from you in a while... Have you had any adventures in your canoe? Planning any?

All the best,


Matt Upson said...

Hi there,

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If you would prefer not to be listed on our links page, please let me know and I will remove you asap.


Matt Upson