Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas, new gear to get away from it all with?

OK officially its Christmas or past now, I was a lot more feastive than I thought I'd be originally. Even managed to bag the traditional climb Christmas day called (Surprisingly enough) Christmas crack. We even managed to get first climb in which means it was our duty to write a nice card to the rest of the days climbers. Its quite an event, loads of people descent on the crag and a jolly time is had, mince pies, Sherry even the odd fancy dress. Did the climb placed a card, some chocolate and a snowman toy on varoious parts of the climb for other CC climbers. Was a very busy day. After which it was on to the Family dinner and the usual hussle/bussle.

Got new gear too, things I requested, Crusader cup, billy pot n candle lantern too, like the idea of the candle lantern very much, more natural light. An old idea in a newish product, it even retracks in on itself to be more compact. Brilliant.

After all the dinners were had and the noise had died down I decided to have a quick surf of the net to see what everyone else is doing. And do you know what? I read other blogs and bushcraft postings and notice a lot of people looking forward to getting away from things for a while to get peace n quiet! Guess I'm not alone in these thoughts then. Well I got a nice solo trip planned new years eve-ish sometime, gonna find some nice woods some place and spend the night out. After all I have new gear to try out :-)

For anyone reading this: Have a goood new year! Happy Wandering.


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