Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Too busy of late

Right been a little thin on posting this past week or so, have a little business going and some work came my way, so Saturday night through to morning building 4 systems patching then installations, so weekend was kinda gone by the time I had chance to breath again as it were.

Had a friend up visiting as well, so we were supposed to go climbing but the installation got in the way, ended up having a pub visit then to a big meal at a local Noodle Bar. Was good HUGE portions! I of course by then was cabbaged so wasn't the best of conversationists after a big meal sitting in my stomach..zZZZZZ

Not ready for Christmas really, don't feel festive in the slightest, am looking forward to Christmas being over, kinda having a hard time in my life ATM. Oh its not all bad I have a few good things planned over that period, a nice Christmas day climb with my twin and friends, a route called "Christmas Crack (VS I think)" at Stannage (Peak District). Its pretty good, last year it was fancy dress and Mince pies went round as well as sherry. Big event in these parts. Plus dinner with my Mother and sister to look forward to as well.

That reminds me there is a talk on with Ray Mears in Tumbridge Wells in London, Gonna get my arse down to that. Maybe get the odd thing signed too? After all he is the main man on bushcraft in the UK atleast perhaps further a field? Have you heard of him?, if so where do you live in the world?

Trying to get some time to split some wood I got awhile back so I can start on another spoon for carving. Will see how this weekend pans out. later.


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