Monday, December 04, 2006

Not much done...

this weekend, I did manage to get a walk done with a good friend. I was looking for some woodland to practice the little skills I have in, but everything seems not so dense and very open, I don't think there are any real forest left in the UK now :-( maybe Scotland? I did managed to gather a little firewood though so at least I can practice some firelighting at home.

Winter is upon us now here, plants are dying out and the amount of edible plants has been considerably reduced. The tree's are bare and winter winds try to rob you of any heat you have with each gust. Most of the wild life here is pretty much ready to hibernate having been frantically gathering and storing food caches for the on coming winter months. I can appreciate that more now as I try to find edible wild food. Autumn really is a time for gathering and storing food.

Seems with the Bushcraft I'm learning I find myself appreciating nature more and indeed understanding it better. Am hoping to do some more work on my knives this week, need to order some wood and rivets for the handles and finish the edges. Then the next task will be getting sheath's made for them. Looking forward to it.


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