Thursday, November 23, 2006

Crap Pheasant.. bleerrch!

Bagged 2 Pheasants on a farmers market near where I live, got em both for 1.90 each. Which wasn't bad I thought. Wanted to learn to pluck draw and cook a wild game bird, so thought I'd dive into the deep end, which you will no doubt learn over time is what I do best heh.

The Pheasant themselves were hung for 1 week so plenty of flavour (apparently) I plucked one and gutted it too, you wouldn't beleive how bad it smelt. Am guessing those people that eat it on a regular basis don't actually prepare it from scratch, if the did I'm sure as hell they would eat it less.

OK got a wine casorole recipe to try out on it, I cut it up then browned it in a pan then into a dish with veg and wine as the sauce. An hour and half later out of the oven it came and straight onto a plate with baby potato's. It tasted like crap. The wine flavour was over powering and the Pheasant was tasty, but I swear I could still smell the stink from the drawing stage.

Next one is getting roasted in the oven, wrapped in bacon to keep the moisture in.

Am still waiting for the gear I ordered as well as 2 books too from Amazon. Breifly I ordered 2 Gore-tex Bivvy bags, water proof jacket n trousers (Gore-tex also), some Light weight trousers, a ponch/basha type thing and a sleep system too. Which I was informed can be used down to -20 degrees C. Will arrive either this week (Tomorrow) or next sometime. So waiting again.

Weekend things, is try a cattail root, and use the head as a natural tinder. Am actually thinking of writing a paper on fire lighting, for my reference but you never know may publish it so to speak.

Right bed for me am tired now.


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