Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend of fun

Right had some things to do over the weekend, one of which was head down to London to see a friend and go climbing either indoor or outdoor depending on weather of course.

It wanged it down Sunday so indoors at the castle it was. Not a bad place to go 3 floors of climbing walls and bouldering sections too. Good routes, and cheap food too. What more can you ask for?

Saturday I got some time to make some nettle cordage from local nettle sources (ie rough land), Made about a meter out of 3 or 4 nettles. Its quite an easy procedure just use the stem only, so strips leaves then crush the stem, after which open the now crushed flat stem and bend it pith up so it snaps, peel pith out and you are left with flat fibres. These you roll and twine into longer cords, easy really. (Will add a picture later.) Not an exact description really of how to do it, more an overview.

Enjoyed doing both, took my mind off things, been thinking alot about my issue of late, been hard for me of late.

Gear wise: Ended up calling the supplier for the gear I ordered as I noticed the money was taken from my account, turns out that they hadn't even shipped it, waiting for Bivvy bags to come on later this week. Useless. Told them to ship what they had. Gah!


Mungo said...

I'm here in Toronto, Ontario and was wandering around a wild area nearby - wishing there was nettle about. I don't know what I can use here for cordage - any ideas? I whittled a nice fish hook out of willow as I wandered about.

ferrol said...

Will be heading your way one day, nice place to wander I think.

You can use the inside of willow bark apparently as well as pine rootlets too, just make sure the willow is dead, have to protect the resources around us :-)

Can take maybe on root from a pine tree without causing too much damage.