Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gear and books have arrived!

Was kinda taken back, my books arrived I ordered AND the gear I was waiting for also arrived, minus the bivvy bags but it has been promised for next week. Am quite impressed with the water proofs, all Gore-tex and they fit OK too. Sleeping system is also impressive, looks comfy as chuff, can't wait to test it, its supposed to sleep down to -20 degree's C so will see, first frost I'll be outside testing.. heh

Books are "Collins gem: Food for Free " and "Call of the wild" by Guy Grieve.

Had a flick through both, and am looking forward to reading both of them. One reference the other handbook.

Had to stay late at work though to patch a server, so was late home. But am happy, have gear and some books to read. :-)


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