Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mushroom anyone?

Well on one of the lunch time walks with my friend Rob, it was raining but its not often I enjoy a walk of that type, think sometimes a little discomfort helps put things into perspective, its a nice circular walk which is surprising considering its a bit of an industrial estate where I work, but with a brisk 10 minute walk you can be in nice fresh peaceful woodland. I try and do it a few times a week, sometimes I manage, other times... well I try and do it. Clears my head.

Right on the way back I spotted some mushrooms growing in the grass, normally I hate mushrooms, can't stand them in the slightest. Never have, but I keep promising myself that I would actually one day force myself to eat one and then get used to the flavour. Well anyway I picked one and took it back for identification, problem being I have no idea what it was. Guides say if you don't know leave it alone. So some rather intense googling later .. I still have no idea what it is!! Autumn is the time of year for mushrooms, a real harvest for thoughs that know what they are after and really do enjoy them. Well here, what do you think it is?

OK, smells alright considering, found on grass land next to a bush, possibly Hawthorne? They were singular in a row. Width is about 9 cm.
Answers on a postcard please!


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