Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Up to date

Right Ok so far, bushcraft wise:

Have a booked a course bushcraft/survival course witha school along with a load of other friends for next year June. Looking forward to that very much. Hopefully, by then though I'll have taught myself plenty of the skills I need to survive with just my knife and maybe a firesteel. Tooks some time to get it all booked with everyone changing minds and checking dates.

Also ordered a load of Surplus Army gear, same bunch that are going on teh course, goodness knows we will turn up looking like a bunch of Army rejects, but the gear is supposed blend in and not be a bright coloured eye sore in the green landscape. If you were walking through some woods, Which would you prefer, seeing nice gentle blending colours or bright bold colours anouncing their presence? I know which I'd prefer.

Anyway took me ages to get an order together including one bloke who saw a rather nice sword, the dealer wouldn't sell it to me anyway. (no surprise there) Well ordered a bivvy bag, sleep system, some waterproofs and some nice pair of lightweights as well. I won't mind messing this gear up as much as my more er.. "better" (expensive ;-) ) gear.

Right been playing with cordage with nettles, which turns out to be pretty easy and a nice relaxing job. Its not that strong but will do in tying things up. Also practising starting fires with birch bark n firesteel, well getting a flame anyway, have yet to get a proper fire going. Be easy though. heh

Things to do:
o Carve my spoon project.
o Learn to use a firebow to full flame.
o Clean, dress a rabbit then make rabbit stew.
o Get me a Billy can type cooking pot.
o Be happy.


Mungo said...

I watched a Ray Mears program last night and now really want to make a spoon myself - it was the show on Belarus.
Look forward to more of your posts!

Mungo said...

Hello - yes, have a Google Alert on 'bushcraft' and it was triggered by your posting! I've been at this for about a year - rather enjoying it, good way to improve on my riting skills. I mean, writing skills.